Washington County Correctional Facility

In February 2015, Sherry Sims was invited to share her story at the Washington County Correctional Facility in Bartlesville, OK. In attendance were 29 female inmates who listened intently as she openly shared how, with God’s help, she finally broke the cycle of domestic abuse after two failed marriages and several near-death experiences. At the end, 16 of the 29 female inmates prayed the prayer of salvation and received Christ as their personal savior.

Before exiting the courtroom, one of the women broke out of line to thank Sherry personally for sharing her story. Hugging her she said, “You came here today just for me!” She then explained, minutes before the meeting she asked God what she should do about her boyfriend. Since he was responsible for her incarceration and she was being released the following week, she needed an answer because she never wanted to end up in prison again. Because of Sherry’s story that day, God gave her the answer she prayed for.

During Sherry’s drive home that day, she knew in her heart what she needed to do next: put her story into a minibook and distribute it to women in prisons, correctional facilities and jails – free of charge.

Since then, Empowered Women of God International, Inc. has published and distributed thousands of complimentary copies of Searching for Love to women in prisons, correctional facilities and jails in Oklahoma.


You can partner with us in the minibook printing and distribution costs by making a onetime or recurring monthly donation.

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